Cahokia LLC

$4 million project

Project Highlights:

Cahokia, LLC is a newly formed entity owned by Daniel Wolf.  Mr. Wolf is a renowned art and photography dealer.  He plans to purchase the 10,000 square foot former jail and convert it into an art gallery for his collections. Wolf is recognized as an art, furniture, and photography collector and dealer for 30 years and is currently headquartered in Manhattan.Maya Lin, Wolf’s wife, is an award-winning architect and artist.  Maya Lin designed the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and has since designed buildings, memorials, and created significant works of art worldwide.  Ms. Lin also assisted in the design of the Greyston Bakery here in Yonkers and she will design the studio space at the facility.In addition to housing Wolf’s private collections, the site will also serve as a location from which to deal art and plan and promote exhibits for display at world renowned museums and galleries.  Plans also include creating a multi-functional space on the first floor that can be used for art exhibits, dance performances, lectures, photography shoots, and other public events.Mr. Wolf’s future phases include adding two floors to the existing two-story building to create several artist’s studios and residences.This art gallery, positioned on the waterfront in Yonkers, will bring national and international attention to Yonkers as a place for the arts.

Job stats:
Job Creation: 10-15 Construction jobs and 1 Full-time equivalent position

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24 Alexander Street, Yonkers

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