YIDA works to create economic development and job growth throughout
the City of Yonkers by attracting new businesses, retaining existing ones
and helping them all become more competitive in a global marketplace.


  • Board of Directors Meeting

  • Governance Committee Meeting

  • Audit Committee Meeting

  • Public Hearing

Regular Board of Directors Meetings: 2020 – 2019



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As the third-largest City in New York State, Yonkers has nearly
200,000 people located on the Hudson River adjacent to New York City’s
northern border. Five major highways give Yonkers the best north-south
and east-west connections in the northern suburbs. Add two commuter
train lines with six stations, plus the greatest number of bus lines in the
County, and you can see that Yonkers has a transportation network that
cannot be matched. Travel time by commuter train from Yonkers to Grand
Central Terminal is under a half hour. Whether you are moving goods out,
or employees and customers in, Yonkers is the location to meet your needs.
Did you know
Regardless of your business, Yonkers has the location for you. Our 4.5
miles of Hudson Riverfront features high rise and low rise housing,
public parks and boat launches, fine restaurants, and views of the
Palisades. The Nepperhan Valley contains choice industrial, commercial
and warehouse space. We have one of Westchester’s largest corporate
parks on our northern border, and retail and office locations throughout
the City.
The population of our City continues to grow. In fact Yonkers has one of
the fastest-growing school systems in the state. Our 30 elementary schools,
six middle schools and nine high schools are outstanding. U.S News and
World Report ranked Yonkers High School as among the best in the nation
in 2012. Our diverse population provides an educated and qualified
workforce for every level of needed skills.
  • 470 Nepperhan Avenue – Suite 200, Yonkers NY 10701

  • 914-509-8651